Project Manager

Erwin Smith-Project Manager


Erwin Smith comes to Datex Media with a varied and mutli-faceted background. After earning his degree, Erwin began his career as a program manager. This early experience expanded his knowledge in managing accounts, product launches and navigation between multiple programs. It was also instrumental in developing the superior interpersonal communication skills that are vital to Erwin’s position at Datex Media.


Erwin credits his years as a Quality Manager in the Zinc Alloy, Plastics Compounding and Seafood industries with allowing him to gain important knowledge in a variety of systems and processes. Having these invaluable experiences allows Erwin to see the bigger picture. This ability can also be attributed to his responsibility in managing a remote office’s IT and company specific inventory management system, which he feels gave him a great deal of insight into a computer programmer’s thought process and the obstacles they face.


It was after Erwin’s first major success in the computer industry, which included creating his own website for a business that sold multiple styles and models of handheld GPS units, that he got into the software development industry full time. Datex Media is lucky to have Erwin as our Project Manager, which entails maintaining a clear communication pathway between our client’s needs and the developers who work behind the scenes. In this position, Erwin is also in charge of tracking budgets, estimate coordination, project quality assurance and facilitating staff meetings. On top of all that, Erwin assists in marketing efforts for Datex Media and other general administrative functions.


As for his vision for the future of computer technology, Erwin “believes it will advance further and much faster than it has in the past.” This is due in part to, “today’s economy, which will see companies continuing to downsize, requiring software applications that will improve productivity while replacing bodies that once ran major business infrastructure.” Erwin believes that Datex Media is in a unique position to reach out to companies in need of, not only a website facelift, but also, major software and data management improvements.





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