Chief Technology Officer


Ryan Diller-Chief Technology Officer


Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Diller, has been honing his software skills over the last 10 years. After gaining valuable knowledge and experience with how networks are set up and operate, Ryan joined the Datex Media family, where he has become an integral part of our operation.


Some of Ryan’s past experiences include IT Technician for a manufacturing company, Junior Software Developer at Infinity Web Systems and Lead Software Architect for an entertainment company. This work has given Ryan expertise in the areas of the varied development languages, DB systems and building complex workflow systems, just to name a few, and all of these capabilities have proven to be invaluable at Datex Media.


As Chief Technology Officer, Ryan is involved in most steps of a projects life cycle and include;

·       Directing the path of the software and designing how it all comes together

·       Gathering specs from our customers

·       Creating estimates and technical documentation

·       Guiding the design of the software and user interface

·       Assisting with quality control

·       Aiding customers with network setup and software installation


As with the rest of our company, Ryan has great vision for the future of technology, and “looks forward to being able to create better technology to make people’s work lives easier.” Ryan hold’s strong to Datex Media’s mission, which is helping companies become more profitable and productive.



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