Scott Mahler’s-Founder/CEO


As the founder and CEO of Datex Media, Scott Mahler has taken his 30 years of experience in computer programming and turned his company into a leading innovator in the software industry. After earning his degree in Liberal Arts from Regents College in New York, Scott turned his energy into running the restaurant he owned. It was during this time that he not only learned the importance of high-quality costumer service, but also, created his first major success in the software arena, which was a program he wrote that enabled him to keep track of all his customer’s purchases. Within six months of implementing this program, his sales grew by 50%. Scott credits this experience with giving him the foundation he has built Datex Media upon; looking at software from the users end and how it can help make their business run better. To that end, Scott believes in the motto “the customer is always right.” This attitude, coupled with the time and attention he gives every client, means every website he creates is specialized to each customer’s personal and professional needs.


Datex Media now includes experienced professionals in many areas, which leaves Scott free to do one of the things he loves best, which is to stay connected to his clients and ensure he knows what their particular needs are. This allows Datex Media to create and maintain the vision of the client. Since its inception, Datex Media has stood by their slogan, “software for how you run your company,” which means that instead of just getting 80% of what you need from traditional, canned software, you get software that is written with you, the client, in mind, saving you time and money. Scott believes that one of the most important aspects to any business’s website is that it communicates what the client’s business is to the general public and does what it is intended to do. In fact, it is Scott’s commitment to improving communication that has made Datex Media one of the leading creators of corporate portals.


Some of Datex Media’s biggest clients are property management companies like Westwood Financial Corp., who have used their corporate portal software to enhance employee communication. But, perhaps, their biggest success to date is Michael J’s Catering whose sales have tripled since adopting that original program that helped Scott increase revenue at the restaurant he once owned. As for the future of computer technology, Scott believes, “we have only scratched the surface of the information highway,” and says, “data is going to be king, and disseminating it is going to evolve greatly.” In fact, Datex Media is working on software for the iPhone that will revolutionize how we get and view data, allowing the public to combine business with pleasure, which is ultimately what we are all looking for. 


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  1. Adrian Eden Says:

    Thanks for the kind words via Twitter back in December !

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